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Sunday Weekly Bulletins

Bulletin for November 12


Nov. 12 – 23rd Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 6

Hieromartyr Zenobius and his sister Zenobia of Aegae, Cilicia (285). Apostles Tertius, Mark, Justus, and Artemas of the Seventy (1st c.). Hieromartyr Marcian, bishop of Syracuse (2nd c.). Martyr Eutropia of Alexandria (220). Martyr Anastasia of Thessalonica (3rd c.).

Ephesians 2:4-10 ;
Luke 8:26-39

Bulletin for November 5

Holy Apostle James the Brother of the Lord (63)

Nov. 5 – 22nd Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 5

Holy Apostle James the Brother of the Lord (63). St. Ignatius, patriarch of Constantinople (877).Ven. Elisha of Lavryshevo (1250).

Galatians 6:11-18
Luke 16:19-31

Bulletin for October 29

Martyr Longinus the Centurion

Oct. 29 – 21st Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 4

Martyr Longinus the Centurion, who stood at the Cross of the Lord (1st c.). St. Longinus the Gate-keeper of the Kyiv Caves (13th c.).

Galatians 2:16-20 ; Luke 8:5-15

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