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About Us

Our official website is This site is just our "sand box" where we try some new features that we would like to use.

Please use all available features of this new site. We will keep you posted when we are ready to move forward with our new website.

Bulletin for August 12

Metropolitan Antony Released From the Hospital

Metropolitan Antony Released From the Hospital

08-13-2018 —  Metropolitan Antony Released From the Hospital

So many have been asking how my recuperation is proceeding that I decided to drop you another note to pass on.  First, however, I need to express a depth of gratitude that I can barely put into words to the hundreds of cards, texts, emails and Facebook greetings I have received over the past three weeks of my hospitalization at Hunterden Central Hospital and Morristown Medical Center, followed by rehab at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in Chester, NJ.  I mention these facilities because the treatment and personal care I received at all of them were an extremely important part of my healing process.  Every person at all three places was kind and caring beyond all expectation especially during the early days when my broken ribs were most painful.  May God grant them the strength to be continued blessings in the lives of all who come under their care and may they always know how much they are appreciated - even by patients who may not be aware of how much they do for them.

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Holy Apostle Silas

August 12 – 11th Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 2

Apostles Silas and Silvanus of the Seventy and those with them: Crescens, Epenetus, and Andronicus (1st c.). Hieromartyr Polychronius, bishop of Babylon (251), and Martyrs Parmenius, Helimenas (Elimas), and Chrysotelus presbyters, Luke and Mocius deacons, and Abdon, Sennen, Maximus, and Olympius. Hieromartyr Valentine, bishop of Interamna (Terni) in Italy (273). Martyr John the Soldier at Constantinople (4th c.).

1 Cor. 9:2-12;
Mt. 18:23-35

Bulletin for July 22

St. Olha

July 22 – 8th Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 7

Hieromartyr Pancratius, bishop of Taormina in Sicily (1st c.). Hieromartyr Cyril, bishop of Gortyna (250-252). Martyrs Patermuthius, Coprius, and Alexander (361). St. Theodore, bishop of Edessa (848).

1 Cor. 1:10-18;
Mt. 14:14-22

Ukrainian Days 2018 – July 14

Video - 25 September - 90th Anniversary Hierarchical Divine Liturgy

Resurrectional Services on Pascha 2016

Listen to the Resurrectional Services from Pascha 2016 (May 1).

Our History Book

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